Sue Mcmullen, race for life (Cancer Research)


Sue contacted Gavin Mccoll, Motiv8 Personal Training, in march 2007 to help her prepare for the Oulton Park race for life! She is raising money for Cancer Research as Cancer has unfortunately affected Sue’s life as well as many more people in this country. Please read her storey below, and if you would like to sponsor Sue please visit :

Sue has now completed her race for life, as the photo above suggests! Despite suffering a knee injury 2 weeks before the race Sue soldiered on taking training a little easier and resting for the race. There was never any doubt that she would finish, it would have taken much more than an injured knee!!! Well done Sue.

Please take a few moments to read my reasons for racing…

In 1983 when I was only 20 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease; but I was lucky – after several operations and 5 weeks of radiotherapy, some years later I was eventually given the all clear – I was cured. But over 20 years on a new threat has presented itself – a greatly increased risk of breast cancer because of the radiotherapy that cured me back then. But I am alive and thankfully I have the option of prophylactic mastectomy to re-increase my chances of survival.

Primary cancer is terrible, second cancers are terrible – it makes no difference – cancer is terrible. Please support me and help Cancer Research – your money will help them continue to develop ways to detect and diagnose, to treat and cure and ultimately to prevent cancer.

Sadly, in some way cancer will probably affect everyone at some time: we are all potential sufferers ourselves but it may be someone you love or care about, or just know, who gets cancer… and it is devastating.

“Many women – one reason” – many cancers – one aim.

100% of your money will be used by Cancer Research to help, in some way, to keep parents with their children and children with their parents; wives with their husbands and husbands with their wives, to keep families and loved ones together.

May 13th will be for my Dad too – 4 days after my race it will be exactly 10 years since he died from bowel cancer.

For me personally, if it wasn’t for the work of Cancer Research and others, I wouldn’t be here now and I want to be here for as long as possible.

I want to be a Mommy, not a memory

Thank you so much for your support.

Sue x