John Murray, Grenadier and Scots Guards 1990 – 2003

I would like to write this testimonial to recommend Gavin McColl as a personal Trainer and as a person from my own experience with him. I served my last 6 years in the army with Gavin .Which is when I discovered his great passion for fitness, and his skills to motivate myself and others around him. Gavin’s enthusiasm was contagious and his standards were always set very high.
As somebody who had always been a keen sportsman, I suddenly found that middle age was catching up on me. Passing the military fitness tests was now becoming a struggle. Gavin was a PTI at the time and was made Responsible by the Sergeant Major for training individuals like myself to the standard needed to pass all the fitness tests. In days gone by this was looked upon in the army as a punishment, Gavin managed to get rid of this image for me and my colleagues. The training was hard but fun, I especially looked forward to training again for the first time in years. This showed in my results on test days as I again started to pass my military fitness tests. It didn’t stop there though, Gavin continued to help me train for my last 3 years in the army, it was hard at times but I passed my fitness tests every 6 months as required.
I am now living in the Midlands and still enjoy my morning jog, and sessions in the gym using similar routines and programmes that Gavin used to set me. I am also to this day still very good friends with Gavin, I will pass on running any of those Marathons with him though.

Best Regards

John Murray