How Bootcamp Motiv8ed Me!

Beginning of January, 2012.  At only a few years away from being 40, the father of a 3 year old and a slightly larger than it should be belly, I decided it was time to get fit.

Not being the sort of bloke who could spend an hour staring at a wall or MTV as I plodded along on a treadmill in a gym, I was looking for something a little more exciting, and ideally outdoor based.  Then I spotted a good Groupon deal for bootcamp.

I still remember the morning of the first camp.  Stepping on the scales before I left the house (16stone), I felt very nervous.  As I donned my brand new and very clean sports kit, complete with new bright white trainers, I wondered what lay ahead.  Would I make a fool of myself?  Would I be left behind?  Would I survive?

Upon arrival I was very impressed.  Gavin quickly introduced himself and made me feel like I was ‘one of the gang’.  The other boot camp regulars were extremely welcoming and friendly and the other (200 or so?) Groupon voucher holders soon got chatting, forgetting any prior worries!

To say the first session was hard would be an understatement!  My muscles hurt, my lungs felt like they were going to burst, my new clean sports kit soon got covered in mud, BUT, I was smiling!  I knew I would come back for a second time!

Now, 3 months later, I’m still attending!  I am now 2 stone 2lbs lighter – weighing in at 13stone12lbs.  Family and friends CONSTANTLY comment on how much fitter I am looking (which makes me feel great) and I feel much more confident and energised.  The change in my fitness level has been amazing, and this has also led to me paying much more attention to my diet – and improving my nutrition massively too!

For anyone thinking of joining bootcamp, I would strongly recommend it.  Gavin and the other trainers are extremely welcoming and very encouraging.  Through support and (lots of) humour, they will make you work hard and challenge yourself to your own limits.  It is hard work, but the feeling of achievement once you have finished is immense – and one that is shared and celebrated by everyone in the group!

But be warned – that shiny, white and clean new sports kit?  Not for long!