PC David Chapman

I would like to write this testimony to Gavin McColl for training me to run the Robin Hood Marathon in Nottingham September 2006. I recruited Gavin to train me for my first Marathon, a goal I’d set myself to achieve in my 30th year.
Gavin did much more than Personal Train me, his help an advice went into massive detail from my first run and programme right down to my pre and post race meal, and making sure I had a massage in the big tent at the finish line. All Gavin’s encouragement and advice was priceless and very educational, I have learned a lot about how to train, and about my own body.
I reached my main goal of crossing that finish line, I was never the biggest fan of running I always preferred cycling and football. Having crossed the line and vowing never to run a Marathon again because I’d achieved my goal and was happy with that, I found myself on the phone to Gavin 2 days later to tell him “ I’m going to run again next year because I want to achieve a much faster time, can you help me to cut my time down?” As ever Gavin was glad to help, and straight away filled me with encouragement and confidence telling me, “ Davey you could slash that time by at least 30 mins, and I will help in every way I can. Now please let me go back to sleep it’s 2:30 in the morning!!”
If anybody reading this is wanting to lose weight, or simply needs help with distance running. I have no doubt that Gavin is the trainer for you.

Davey Chapman