Caroline Levine – Hale

Gavin currently trains me between 2 and 4 times per month. I first started Personal Training sessions with Gavin in June 2006 after he was recommended to me by a friend who rated the training very highly.
I have been fitness training at the gym for a number of years, I like to work hard at the gym but find it hard to motivate myself to train that little bit harder and sometimes find the classic excuses to give it a miss. I have trained with different Personal Trainers at the gym and had several training programmes made. These sessions and programmes also lacked that little bit extra and still didn’t work me quite as hard as I would of liked!
This is where Gavin came in, I was assured that with his military background and approach to fitness that I would be worked as hard as I so desired! And so far gavin hasn’t let me down. Even though the sessions are made to push and test me, I surprisingly enjoy them and there is always a fun element there without compromising the hard work. I particularly enjoy a gruelling aerobic session of boxercise with pads and gloves, this gets me hot and out of breath but is very fun different and enjoyable.
There has been a great variety to my training, plenty of advice with exercises and routines I can also take to the gym. The convenience of doing these sessions at home is also a bonus and saves a lot of time so there, is no excuses.
Most importantly my fitness has definitely improved!!!