Well done Marrit and Katy on completing the Manchester Marathon. After months of training the hard work is over and its time to put your feet up. Great effort!!

Most people would be forgiven for skipping boot camp and concentrating on long runs in preparation for the Marathon. But not these two, the girls not only put in the miles and long runs in training , they also kept up training aT boot camp sometimes twice or three times a week.

When people complain in future of tired or stiff legs after a tough leg session, I shall be referring to these two warriors who just get on with it then chuck in a 16 mile run once a week.

The Motiv8 team are proud of the pair of you and look forward to hearing what you made of the big day.



Bride to be Christie’s weight loss journey!

gavinmccoll - 26. June 2014 - General

The night before my 1st ever Boot camp I decided to take pictures and measure my waist, thighs and arms, because I knew muscle was heavier than fat and I wanted to know if it was making a difference. I had tried every diet you can imagine and with my wedding in just over a […]

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Louise Morrison Testimonial Ibiza boot camp 2013

gavinmccoll - 9. November 2013 - General

I booked my place on the Ibiza Boot Camp trip on a whim, not knowing the people going and worried I might not keep up. Motiv8 are such a friendly bunch of staff and campers that prior to the trip I quickly got to know most people going. The trip itself was brilliant. All of […]

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Boot camp weightloss

admin - 11. April 2012 - General, News, Testimonial

Beginning of January, 2012.  At only a few years away from being 40, the father of a 3 year old and a slightly larger than it should be belly, I decided it was time to get fit. I still remember the morning of the first camp.  Stepping on the scales before I left the house […]

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1 me wedding-500px

Read about Helen’s experience on our Bootcamp

admin - 3. April 2012 - General, News, Testimonial

Our Bootcamp sessions are a great social way to get fit and stay fit. One of our recent participants, Helen Marsland, explains her experiences in our latest testimonial which you can read here Well done Helen!

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Goodbye summer, hello Autumn fitness

admin - 7. September 2011 - Exercises, Fitness Tips, General, News

As the days cool and the nights draw in it can be a difficult time for many to keep up their fitness routine. Here are a few tips to keep you Motiv8’d Enjoy the seasonal changes. Try a jog or a walk in the outdoors. Get your exercise in early before the dark nights hamper […]

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Breakfast – The most important meal of the day

gavinmccoll - 31. August 2011 - Nutrition

There are many reasons consumers should start the day by refuelling themselves with a nutritious breakfast. According to the American Dietetic Assn., breakfast eaters will have more strength, endurance and enhanced brain activity such as better concentration and problem-solving skills. In addition, breakfast can have a marked effect on weight control. Skipping breakfast can cause […]

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The benefits of regular exercise

admin - 30. August 2011 - General

WHY EXERCISE? Everyone knows that exercise is important, but sometimes it helps to be reminded of the fact. Here are the results from 42 studies which show the very real benefits you can gain from taking part in regular exercise. Alzheimer’s DiseaseIn a study involving 2,257 Men, ages 71 to 93. Those who walked at […]

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Fed up with the gym? Our outdoor training sessions could be the answer.

admin - 30. August 2011 - General, News

Motiv8 outdoor training sessions = THE PERFECT WORKOUT The complete training session: do you want to lose weight and improve your health and fitness? Motiv8 outdoor fitness classes- the perfect fitness class is the result of mixing : the cardiovascular workout of an athletics or sports club and the resistance workout of a tough circuits […]

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Bikram Yoga Manchester

gavinmccoll - 24. August 2011 - Exercises, Fitness Tips, News

Bikram Yoga Manchester I  recently took part in a Bikram Yoga Class at the new studio on Dale Street, Manchester City Centre. Having had injury problems playing football over the years, I have wanted to try Yoga for a while now to improve the strength and flexibility around my mid section groins, lower back etc. […]

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Gavin McColl talks about Motivation

admin - 23. August 2011 - Fitness Tips

Gavin McColl of Motiv8 Personal Training, appearing on the BBC website for the BBC TWO programe The Speaker. Gavin appears in footage Training a client in Altrincham, and talking about the use of motivational speaking whilst Personal Training.

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