Bride to be Christie’s weight loss journey!

Posted by gavinmccoll - 26. June 2014 - General - 3 Comments

The night before my 1st ever Boot camp I decided to take pictures and measure my waist, thighs and arms, because I knew muscle was heavier than fat and I wanted to know if it was making a difference. I had tried every diet you can imagine and with my wedding in just over a year I wanted to make a real difference, not just a quick fix and put it back on, like normal.

Size 14/16 weight 13st

First session I thought I was going to be sick I couldn’t lift my legs off the floor to do the backwards plank and could not run further than 50 meters without stopping and being completely out of breath, I was firmly in the beginner’s class.  After just one week, 3 Boot camp sessions (and I must add no diet what so ever) I had lost 7cm around my waist 1cm round my thighs and 1cm round my arms.

Not quite a year on having now lost 27cm round my waist, 8cm round my arms and 14cm round my thighs. I am now in the intermediate class and can continue to run for the whole session. I feel amazingly fit, healthy and I am now really excited for my wedding.

Size 10 and weigh 10st

Everyone keeps asking if after the wedding I’m going to carry on going to Boot camp? Why would I stop now, I love it, have made some great friends and I am still continuing to get fitter and healthier than ever. I WILL make it into the advanced class!

Thank you to Gav and the Motiv8 Team!


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