Ibiza Boot Camp 2011

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Ibiza Boot Camp 2011


After a fantastic week of training in the Ibiza sun, we have received some lovely testimonials and words of appreciation for the trip to Santa Eulalia, Ibiza.


Sue R Testimonial

Definitely not and madness was my initial reaction when I first heard about Ibiza Bootcamp, who on earth would put themselves through all that?!  Well that turned out to be me along with 9 other Bootcampers plus our leader Gavin.  What an experience and fabulous time we had.  I was slightly apprehensive about what to expect but the timetable of activities was well structured and well thought out and adaptable to the hot weather conditions.  I never thought I would be up and out at 8am for the optional jog but there we all were raring to go!  The classes/sessions were excellent and I particularly enjoyed the kickboxing class which I’ve never done before but loved it, despite the bruises!  The hike over the hill was hard work but was very enjoyable and Gavin and the rest of the group all helped to keep each other motivated to get to the beach on the other side.  There was a good balance between the exercise sessions and rest time and we had many laughs each day!  The meals were excellent, I’ve never eaten so healthily on ‘holiday’ or drank as much water but it has definitely paid off as I lost a few pounds and my clothes are definitely looser…happy days!  It has also spurred me on to do more exercise and be healthier now I’m home.  Will definitely be back next year :-)






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