Bikram Yoga Manchester

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Bikram Yoga Manchester

I  recently took part in a Bikram Yoga Class at the new studio on Dale Street, Manchester City Centre. Having had injury problems playing football over the years, I have wanted to try Yoga for a while now to improve the strength and flexibility around my mid section groins, lower back etc.
I first heard of Bikram Yoga through a client whose Sister had been attending classes in London. Bikram Yoga is performed in a heated room to a temperature of around 105F (40C). Performing Yoga in a heated room immediately appealed to me, as your muscles stretch best when warm. For years I have been stretching off in the sauna after a gym session, or long run to relieve my injuries, stretch the muscles, relax and release toxins by sweat.


To start off with the studio was well kept and clean, with good changing and shower facilities, and the staff were very friendly and helpful.
To the session itself, my first 90 minute class in a heated room was absolutely brilliant. Yes it was challenging, yes it was hot. I sweated more during the class than when running a half marathon. The class tested my strength, flexibility and concentration. The instruction from the teacher was first class, at every point in the class when I questioned myself on whether or not I was doing something wrong, the teaching points were being repeated constantly so that I could adjust or carry on.
You work to your own capabilities in the class, there is no pressure to compete or overstretch your limits, you are clearly instructed how far to go. You are also assured that over time and with more sessions you will progress.


If you are thinking of Yoga, or a sports person football, rugby, runner etc I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Bikram Yoga in Manchester. After one session I can see how the classes would benefit breathing techniques, flexibility and strength.
If you are looking to prevent injuries, keep away old injuries or improve your posture (which at least 90% of us do!), give Bikram yoga a try.

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